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Multifaceted Simultaneous Load Balancing in DHT-Based P2P Systems: A New Game with

Summary: Multifaceted Simultaneous Load Balancing in
DHT-Based P2P Systems: A New Game with
Old Balls and Bins
Karl Aberer, Anwitaman Datta, and Manfred Hauswirth
Ecole Polytechnique F´ed´erale de Lausanne (EPFL),
School of Computer and Communication Sciences,
CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
{karl.aberer, anwitaman.datta, manfred.hauswirth}@epfl.ch
Abstract. This paper presents and evaluates uncoordinated on-line al-
gorithms for simultaneous storage and replication load-balancing in DHT-
based peer-to-peer systems. We compare our approach with the classical
balls into bins model, and point out both the similarities as well as the
differences which call for new load-balancing mechanisms specifically tar-
geted at P2P systems. Some of the peculiarities of P2P systems, which
make our problem challenging are that both the network membership
and the data indexed in the network are dynamic, there is neither global
coordination nor global information to rely on, and the load-balancing
mechanism ideally should not compromise the structural properties and
thus the search efficiency of the DHT, while preserving the semantic
information of the data (e.g., lexicographic ordering to enable range


Source: Aberer, Karl - Faculté Informatique et Communications, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences