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Source-Channel Mappings with Applications to Compressed Sensing

Summary: Source-Channel Mappings with Applications
to Compressed Sensing
Ahmad Abou Saleh
A thesis submitted to the
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
in conformity with the requirements for
the degree of Master of Science
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
July 2011
Copyright c Ahmad Abou Saleh, 2011
Tandem source-channel coding is proven to be optimal by Shannon given unlimited
delay and complexity in the coders. Under low delay and low complexity constraints,
joint source-channel coding may achieve better performance. Although digital joint
source-channel coding has shown a noticeable gain in terms of reconstructed signal
quality, coding delay, and complexity, it suffers from the leveling-off effect. However,
analog systems do not suffer from the leveling-off effect. In this thesis, we investigate
the advantage of analog systems based on the Shannon-Kotel'nikov approach and


Source: Alajaji, Fady - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Queen's University (Kingston)


Collections: Engineering