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matroid theory . 2007 final projects

Summary: matroid theory . 2007
final projects
. san francisco state university .
. universidad de los andes .
For the final project of the course, you will develop a solid understanding of a particular aspect of
matroid theory that interests you. Your project must make a valuable contribution to the topic
you are studying. You may, for instance:
Understand the background and significance of an open problem in matroid theory, and
solve it, or achieve some partial progress.
Understand the current state of the art in a branch of matroid theory, and present it in a
clear, concise, and useful survey. This must go beyond combining a couple of sources.
Find a new way of thinking about or proving a known result.
Write a computer program that will be useful to researchers in matroid theory.
due dates.
o Friday, April 20: rough outline. (1-2 pages)
o Monday, May 7: 2-3 preliminary report. (2-3 pages)
o Friday, May 25: final project. (10-20 pages in LaTeX, 11pt, single space)
some suggested topics.
These are some of the possible topics for a final project. I'll be happy to provide more information
on any of these, and point you to some relevant literature. Please send me your suggestions to


Source: Ardila, Federico - Department of Mathematics, San Francisco State University


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