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Marc Audard Publication List Publication List

Summary: Marc Audard Publication List
Publication List
1. New Herbig Ae/Be stars confirmed via high-resolution optical spectroscopy
Carmona, A., van den Ancker, M. E., Audard, M., Henning, Th., Setiawan, J., & Rodmann, J. 2010.
A&A, in press, astro-ph/1004.3386
2. A multi-wavelength study of the young star V1118 Orionis in outburst
Audard, M., Stringfellow, G. S., G¨udel, M., Skinner, S. L., Walter, F. M., Guinan, E. F., Hamilton, R. T.,
Briggs, K. R., & Baldovin-Saavedra, C. 2010, A&A, 511, 63
3. The Taurus Spitzer Survey: New Candidate Taurus Members Selected Using Spitzer Colors
Rebull, L. M., Padgett, D. L., McCabe, C.-E., Hillenbrand, L. A., Stapelfeldt, K., Noriega-Crespo, A.,
Carey, S., Brooke, T., Huard, T., Terebey, S., Audard, M., Monin, J.-L., Fukagawa, M., G¨udel, M.,
Knapp, G. R., M´enard, F., Allen, L. E., Angione, J. R., Baldovin-Saavedra, C., Bouvier, J., Briggs, K.,
Dougados, C., Evans, N. J., Flagey, N., Guieu, S., Grosso, N., Glauser, A. M., Harvey, P., Hines, D.,
Latter, W. B., Skinner, S. L., Strom, S., Tromp, J., Wolf, S. 2010, ApJS, 186, 259
4. Dust amorphization in protoplanetary disks
Glauser, A. M., G¨udel, M., Watson, D. M., Henning, T., Schegerer, A. A., Wolf, S., Audard, M., &
Baldovin-Saavedra, C. 2009, A&A, 508, 247
5. Multi-zone warm and cold absorbers in 3 Seyfert galaxies
Ricci, C., Beckmann, V., Audard, M., Courvoisier, T. J.-L. 2009, A&A, submitted


Source: Audard, Marc - INTEGRAL Science Data Centre & Observatory of Geneva, Université de Genève


Collections: Physics