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Cost Transfer Checklist for Sponsored Research Awards/Projects (Last Revised: 5/19/08)

Summary: Cost Transfer Checklist for Sponsored Research Awards/Projects
(Last Revised: 5/19/08)
Cost transfers should be in accordance with University procedures (8-20, 8-21, & 8-22) and charges should only
be transferred to sponsored program awards if they meet the following criteria:
Charges must have been incurred to meet the objectives of the specific sponsored research project and
within the project start and end dates
Charges must be allowable under the terms and conditions of the award and in accordance with federal
and sponsor guidelines
Charges must be allocable and reasonable
Cost transfers may not be used to correct a deficit by transferring charges to another sponsored program
award. Cost overruns on federal awards should be counted as cost share and identified as such in the
comment field
Cost transfers should be made at the direction of the Principal Investigator who owns the projects
The reason for the transfer should be properly documented as detailed below, in the comment field
Cost transfers will be processed by OSP in accordance with the published Cost Transfer Schedule found on the
Accounting Services website: http://www.virginia.edu/finance/genacct/
OSP will do the following on the morning of the deadline, run and print the Cost transfer Discoverer report.
Once report is printed, highlight any cost transfer batch that involves "G" awards, and review according to the
specifications below. The list below covers the majority of what is reviewed, however it is not meant to be all


Source: Acton, Scott - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Virginia


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences