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Performance Prediction for the HTMT: A Programming Example

Summary: Performance Prediction for the HTMT:
A Programming Example
Jos’e Nelson Amaral, Guang R. Gao \Lambda , Phillip Merkey y ,
Thomas Sterling z , Zachary Ruiz, Sean Ryan
A case study, dense matrix multiply, is used to intro­
duce an analytical methodology to predict the performance
of the percolation model on the Hybrid Technology Multi­
Threaded (HTMT) architecture. HTMT introduces a per­
colation program and execution model that (1) is explicitly
multi­threaded; (2) incorporates global memory address
space; and (3) explicitly exposes the HTMT memory hier­
archy to the programmer. The percolation model extends
dynamic prefetching to allow the management of contexts
that include data, program instructions, and control states.
An analytical study of our algorithm and the percola­
tion process is used to determine the number of operations
that are performed in each memory region and the amount
of data that is exchanged between regions. Current esti­
mates for the processing power, network performance and
storage capacity in each memory region are injected into


Source: Amaral, José Nelson - Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences