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Jargons for Domain Engineering Lloyd H. Nakatani, Mark A. Ardis,

Summary: Jargons for Domain Engineering
Lloyd H. Nakatani, Mark A. Ardis,
Robert G. Olsen, Paul M. Pontrelli
Lucent Technologies USA
In the Family-oriented Abstraction, Specification and
Translation (FAST) domain engineering process for
software production, a member of a software product
family is automatically generated from a model
expressed in a DSL. In practice, the time and skill
needed to make the DSLs proved to be bottlenecks.
FAST now relies on jargons, a kind of easy-to-make
DSL that domain engineers who are not language
experts can quickly make themselves. We report our
experiences with jargons in the FAST process, and
describe the benefits they provide above and beyond
conventional DSLs for software production and other
1. Introduction
We report here our experience with jargons


Source: Ardis, Mark - School of Systems and Enterprises, Stevens Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences