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Adaptive Web stores L. Ardissono, C. Barbero, A. Goy, G. Petrone

Summary: Adaptive Web stores
L. Ardissono, C. Barbero, A. Goy, G. Petrone
Dip. di Informatica, University of Torino
Corso Svizzera 185; 10149 Torino, Italy
Phone: +39 ­ 011 ­ 7429111;
E­mail: fliliana, cris, goy, giovannag@di.unito.it
1. Introduction
The undifferentiated approach to mass marketing has been
recently replaced with market segmentation techniques: psy­
chographic and socio­demographic analyses are exploited to
identify homogeneous market segments to which suitable
products and services must be offered [?].
At the same time, the advent of the electronic com­
merce, especially in the customer­to­business perspective,
has opened new opportunities for sales, as well as new is­
sues to address in the design of on­line stores. In particular,
since these stores are accessed by heterogeneous users, they
should satisfy different needs and preferences in the selection
of goods; this ability requires filtering capabilities, to iden­
tify the items most suited to the specific customers [?, ?].


Source: Ardissono, Liliana - Dipartimento di Informatica, Universitą di Torino


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences