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MATH 662 Numerical Analysis Fall 2011 Class Meetings: TR 11:0012:15 in DU 428

Summary: MATH 662 Numerical Analysis Fall 2011
Class Meetings: TR 11:0012:15 in DU 428
Web Page: http://www.math.niu.edu/~ammar/m662/
Professor Greg Ammar Office: Watson 373
Email: ammar@math.niu.edu Phone: 753-6798
http://www.math.niu.edu/~ammar/ Office hours: TR 2:003:00, W 1:303:00
and by appointment.
Text: D. Kincaid and W. Cheney, Numerical Analysis: Mathematics of Scientific Com-
puting, third edition, American Mathematical Society, 2002. (Previously published by
This course provides an introduction to some fundamental techniques of computational
mathematics and the analysis of these techniques. Topics to be covered include:
Computer arithmetic (Text: Chapter 2)
Solving nonlinear equations (Chapter 3)
Linear systems of equations and matrix factorizations (Chapter 4)
Polynomial interpolation and Approximation of Functions (Chapter 6)
Numerical integration (Chapter 7)
Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations (Chapter 8) if time permits.
We will generally not cover all of the chapters of the text mentioned above. We will also
deviate from the text's content at times, so if you must miss a class you should get a


Source: Ammar, Greg - Department of Mathematical Sciences, Northern Illinois University


Collections: Mathematics