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A Hybrid Shape Representation for Free-form Modeling Remi All`egre Aurelien Barbier Eric Galin Samir Akkouche

Summary: A Hybrid Shape Representation for Free-form Modeling
R´emi All`egre Aur´elien Barbier Eric Galin Samir Akkouche
LIRIS CNRS, Universit´e Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France
Implicit and polygonal mesh input models Output model
Figure 1. Modeling the winged snake-woman. Input models consist of an implicitly defined character (a), a mesh
model of the Victory of Samothrace (b), and the Igea mesh model (c). These models are combined using intersection,
difference and blending to obtain the final model (d). In the rightmost close-up views, implicit parts of the final model
are rendered with smooth shading while mesh components are rendered in wireframe.
In this paper, we introduce a hybrid modeling framework
for creating complex objects. Our system relies on an ex-
tended CSG tree that assembles skeletal implicit surfaces
and polygonal meshes in a coherent fashion: we call this
structure the HybridTree. Editing operations are performed
by exploiting the complementary abilities of both implicit
and parametric surface representations. Implicit surfaces
are powerful for combining shapes with Boolean and blend-


Source: Allègre, Rémi - Département Informatique, Université de Strasbourg


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences