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Combining Feature-Oriented and Aspect-Oriented Programming to Support

Summary: Combining Feature-Oriented and
Aspect-Oriented Programming to Support
Software Evolution
Sven Apel, Thomas Leich, Marko Rosenm¨uller, and Gunter Saake
Department of Computer Science
University of Magdeburg, Germany
email: {apel,leich,rosenmue,saake}@iti.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Abstract. Starting from the advantages of using Feature-Oriented Pro-
gramming (FOP) and program families to support software evolution,
this paper discusses the drawbacks of current FOP techniques. In partic-
ular we address the insufficient crosscutting modularity that complicates
software evolution. To overcome this tension we propose the integration
of concepts of Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) into existing FOP
solutions. As study object we utilize FeatureC++, a proprietary ex-
tension to C++ that supports FOP. After a short introduction to basic
language features of FeatureC++, we summarize the problems regard-
ing the crosscutting modularity. In doing so, we point to the strengths
of AOP that can help. Thereupon, we introduce three approaches that
combine FOP and AOP concepts: Multi Mixins, Aspectual Mixins, and
Aspectual Mixin Layers. Furthermore, we discuss their benefits for soft-


Source: Apel, Sven - Fakultät für Informatik und Mathematik, Universität Passau


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences