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Summary: BioMed Central
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BMC Genetics
Open AccessResearch article
Homozygosity by descent mapping of blood pressure in the Old
Order Amish: evidence for sex specific genetic architecture
Patrick F McArdle*1, Harvey Dytch2, Jeffery R O'Connell1,
Alan R Shuldiner1,3, Braxton D Mitchell1 and Mark Abney2
Address: 1Department of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD USA, 2Department of Human Genetics, University
of Chicago, Chicago, IL USA and 3Geriatrics Research and Education Clinical Center, Veterans Administration Hospital Medical Center, Baltimore,
Email: Patrick F McArdle* - pmcardle@medicine.umaryland.edu; Harvey Dytch - hd@bsd.uchicago.edu;
Jeffery R O'Connell - joconnel@medicine.umaryland.edu; Alan R Shuldiner - ashuldin@medicine.umaryland.edu;
Braxton D Mitchell - bmitchel@medicine.umaryland.edu; Mark Abney - abney@uchicago.edu
* Corresponding author
Background: High blood pressure is a well established risk factor for morbidity and mortality
acting through heart disease, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Genome wide scans have linked
regions of nearly every human chromosome to blood pressure related traits. We have capitalized


Source: Abney, Mark - Department of Human Genetics, University of Chicago


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Biology and Medicine