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Dewatering Fly Ash Slurries Using Geotextile Containers M. E. Kutay1

Summary: Dewatering Fly Ash Slurries Using Geotextile Containers
M. E. Kutay1
, A.H. Aydilek1
and S. Hussein1
University of Maryland, 1163 Glenn Martin Hall, College Park, Maryland, 20742. E-
mail: aydilek@eng.umd.edu
The design of geotextile containers for dewatering applications typically requires
good retention of the confined fill material solids. This becomes difficult to achieve
when the fill material is fine grained and the pore openings are large. Furthermore, the
proper retention becomes critical if the confined material is contaminated. Fly ash is
one of the fine-grained geomaterials that exhibit behavior that is different from
regular soils because of differences in its particle structure and chemical composition.
A laboratory testing program was conducted to evaluate the retention performance of
geotextiles with fly ash slurries. The results indicated that fly ash could be
successfully retained by a variety of woven geotextiles and nonwoven/woven
combinations. Results also showed that use of a double-layer geotextile system, rather
than a single woven geotextile, significantly increases the retention capacity.


Source: Aydilek, Ahmet - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Engineering