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Math 1550 Fall 2004 Section 36 P. Achar

Summary: Math 1550 Fall 2004
Section 36 P. Achar
Course Information
Professor: Pramod N. Achar
Office: 266 Lockett Hall
Phone: 578-7990
E-mail: pramod@math.lsu.edu
Office hours: Tues. 2:00pm­3:00pm, Thurs. 10:00am­11:30am
If you cannot make it to my office hours, you may arrange to meet with me at another time by appointment.
Course outline. This semester, we will cover Chapters 2­6 of James Stewart's Calculus (5th edition, early
transcendentals version, Brooks/Cole ­ Thompson Learning, Inc., 2003), roughly by the following schedule:
Chapter 2: Limits and Derivatives 3 weeks
Chapter 3: Differentiation Rules 4 weeks
Chapter 4: Applications of Differentiation 3 weeks
Chapter 5: Integrals 2 weeks
Chapter 6: Applications of Integration 2 weeks
Webpage. The course website is at http://www.math.lsu.edu/~pramod/1550/. All homework and class
handouts will be posted on this page.
Homework. Homework problems will be assigned every class period, but they will not be collected. You
are encouraged to work together with other students on the homework. It is to your advantage to do as


Source: Achar, Pramod - Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University


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