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Physics 607, Statistical Mechanics Instructor: Roland E. Allen

Summary: Physics 607, Statistical Mechanics
Instructor: Roland E. Allen
1-979-845-4341, Room M213 Mitchell Institute Building
allen@tamu.edu, http://faculty.physics.tamu.edu/allen/StatMech.html
Office hours: Monday 3-4 p.m., Tuesday 3-4 p.m., Wednesday 3-4 p.m., Thursday 3-4 p.m.; or by
Textbook: Statistical Mechanics, 3rd Edition, by R. K. Pathria and P. D. Beale. You may want to bring your
copy of the textbook to class for easier note-taking. My (hopefully improved) version of each treatment will
often differ substantially from that in the textbook, but I will also usually indicate where the relevant material is
in the textbook.
Evaluation: homework 40%
2 "midterm" exams 40%
final exam (comprehensive) 20%
Homework is due at the beginning of the first class each Wednesday.
Homework presentations are also in this class, of course. Homework late by < 48 hours, 1/2 credit. Homework
late by > 48 hours, no credit.
The "midterm" exams will be in the evening at 7:15 - 10:00 p.m., in Room 203 MPHY, on
Thursday, October 6, and Thursday, November 17.
The final exam will be at the time specified by the university at
http://registrar.tamu.edu//General/FinalSchedule.aspx, which is


Source: Allen, Roland E. - Department of Physics and Astronomy, Texas A&M University


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