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Cooperative Sharing and Asynchronous Consensus using SingleReader SingleWriter Registers

Summary: Cooperative Sharing and Asynchronous Consensus using
Single­Reader Single­Writer Registers
Yonatan Aumann \Lambda Avivit Kapah­Levy y
We consider the problem of asynchronous consensus in the shared memory setting with single­
reader/single­writer registers. This setting can also be viewed as a message­passing setting where
there are no delays or failures of links. We provide a consensus procedure that completes in
O(n log n exp(2
ln n ln(c log n log \Lambda n))) expected total work, for some constant c, assuming the
value oblivious adversary scheduler. In particular, the total work is less than O(n 1+ffl ) for any ffl.
Total work is defined as the total number of operations performed by all processors collectively,
including busy­waiting. The solution is based on a new algorithm for a primitive which we call
cooperative­sharing. In the cooperative­sharing primitive, initially each processor has a private
value and the outcome is that there is at least one input value which becomes known to all
processors. We provide a new algorithm for the cooperative sharing in the single­reader/single­
writer setting which completes in O(n exp(2
ln n ln(c log n log \Lambda n))) work.
1 Introduction.


Source: Aumann, Yonatan - Computer Science Department, Bar Ilan University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences