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Biol. Cybern. 66, 381-387 (1992) Biological Cybernetics

Summary: Biol. Cybern. 66, 381-387 (1992) Biological
9 Springer-Verlag1992
Reduction of conductance-based neuron models
Thomas B. Kepler 1, L. F. Abbott 2, and Eve Marder 1
1 Departments of Biology and 2 Department of Physics and The Center for Complex Systems, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 02254, USA
Received August 2, 1991/Accepted in revised form November 6, 1991
Abstract. We present a scheme for systematically re-
ducing the number of differential equations required for
biophysically realistic neuron models. The techniques
are general, are designed to be applicable to a large set
of such models and retain in the reduced system as high
a degree of fidelity to the original system as possible. As
examples, we provide reductions of the Hodgkin-Hux-
ley system and the A-current model of Connor et al.
1 Introduction
Computational neuroscientists always face a difficult
task in choosing the kind of model with which to
approach a given problem. On the one hand are conduc-


Source: Abbott, Laurence - Center for Neurobiology and Behavior & Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University


Collections: Biology and Medicine