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Bailey:Meeting report A&G December 2006 Vol. 47 6.35

Summary: Bailey:Meeting report
A&G December 2006 Vol. 47 6.35
he Sixth European Dark-Skies Sympo-
sium threw a spotlight on advances in a
rapidly developing interdisciplinary field.
The subject encompasses not just the physical
and technical aspects of outdoor lighting, and
its obvious impact on astronomy (e.g. Mizon
2001), but the social, environmental and ecologi-
cal effects of the phenomenon as well. In England
and Wales, light pollution has been recognized as
a statutory nuisance.
The conference contained a fine array of sci-
entific and technical presentations, all of which
are now available on the internet (Mizon et al.
2006), and was noteworthy also for the hospital-
ity and enthusiasm of the organizers. Evening
visits to the South Downs Planetarium (Chiches-
ter) and the Hampshire Astronomy Group's suite


Source: Armagh Observatory


Collections: Physics