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Copyright 1998 by the Genetics Society of America Genetics 148: 16 ( January, 1998)

Summary: Copyright 1998 by the Genetics Society of America
Genetics 148: 16 ( January, 1998)
The 1997 GSA Honors and Awards
The Genetics Society of America makes two awards annually to honor members who have made out-
standing contributions to the science of genetics. The Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal recognizes a
lifetime contribution to genetics. The Genetics Society of America Medal recognizes particularly
outstanding contributions to genetics within the past fifteen years. We are pleased to announce the
1997 awards.
tion. Here he worked with D. F. Jones, a well-known
corn breeder and geneticist. His early interest in genet-
ics was further developed by training he received under
E. W. Sinnott. Oliver completed his doctoral research
under D. F. Jones at Yale in 1947 and thereupon as-
sumed a faculty position at Purdue University where he
remained until 1969. During these years, he initiated a
successful popcorn breeding program--some of the
lines he developed are still in commercial use.
In the 1950's Oliver realized that the expression of
the waxy gene in pollen grains afforded a unique op-
portunity to screen very large numbers of gametes for


Source: Ares Jr., Manny - Department of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, University of California at Santa Cruz


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