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J Low Temp Phys (2007) 149: 209221 DOI 10.1007/s10909-007-9515-6

Summary: J Low Temp Phys (2007) 149: 209221
DOI 10.1007/s10909-007-9515-6
Specific Heat of 4He Confined in Cylindrical
Micro-Channels and Near the Superfluid Transition
Tahar Aouaroun Guenter Ahlers
Received: 15 June 2007 / Accepted: 23 July 2007 / Published online: 9 October 2007
Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2007
Abstract We present new measurements of the specific heat CP of 4He confined
in cylindrical micro-channels of diameter L = 1.89 m at saturated vapor pressure
and near the bulk superfluid-transition temperature T. The results, when combined
with the specific-heat exponent = -0.01264, and with the correlation-length ex-
ponent = 0.6709 obtained from by hyper-scaling, support the departure from a
universal, size independent, scaling function reported before by Lipa et al. [J. Low
Temp. Phys. 124(34): 443, 2001] for L = 8.17 m and 0.26 m. In agreement with
Lipa et al., we found that a size independent effective scaling function can be recov-
ered within experimental resolution when an empirical effective correlation-length
exponent ~ = 0.716 is used. As expected from theory, well away from T the tem-
perature dependence of the suppression of CP by the confining medium is consistent
with a power law with an exponent equal to + = 0.658. The universal ratio of
the suppression at equal distances below and above the transition was measured to


Source: Ahlers, Guenter - Department of Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Physics