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Material System Thermomechanics Interactions (cont'd) International Collaboration: Role / Impact / Recognition

Summary: Material System Thermomechanics Interactions (cont'd)
International Collaboration: Role / Impact / Recognition
- Serves a unique role in IEA program on R&D for Ceramic Breeders; Gives US access to
the much larger world R&D program
- FZK and JAERI supplied their favorite ceramics for measurements at UCLA; Scientists
from JAERI and Japanese Universities came periodically to participate in experiments
- Japan is providing funds to the US under JUPITER-II (starting April 2001) for joint
research on thermomechanic interactions for SiC/Ceramic Breeder/beryllium (recognition
of unique role, high scientific/engineering quality, and effectiveness)
- Has provided key input to solid breeder blanket designs (in ITER and conceptual reactor
Excellent Engineering Science and Ph.D. Thesis Topics / Scholarly
- The research is mostly organized around Ph.D. thesis topics
- "Science-based" research to serve practical applications
- Excellent connections to other fields: Ph.D. graduates in high demand; successful
- Eight comprehensive scholarly journal papers in 3 years in the Journal of Nuclear
Materials, International Journal of Heat & Mass Transfer, Fusion Technology, and Fusion
Engineering & Design (based mostly on Ph.D. thesis research)


Source: Abdou, Mohamed - Fusion Science and Technology Center, University of California at Los Angeles


Collections: Plasma Physics and Fusion