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Global Software Development: The Bell Labs Collaboratory David Atkins1

Summary: Global Software Development: The Bell Labs Collaboratory
David Atkins1
, Mark Handel2
, James Herbsleb1,
Audris Mockus1
, Dewayne Perry3*
, Graham Wills1
Bell Laboratoriess 2
School of Information 3
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Lucent Technologies University of Michigan The University of Texas at Austin
263 Shuman Boulevard 3218 Computing Center Building Austin TX 78712
Naperville, IL 60566 USA Ann Arbor, MI USA 48109 +1 512 471 2050
+1 630 713 1869, +1 630 713 4070 +1 734 764 6131 perry@ece.utexas.edu
{datkins, jherbsleb, audris, gwills}@lucent.com handel@umich.edu
Software development is a global enterprise for many
large corporations. Searching for talent across national
boundaries, and integrating groups thrown together by
mergers and acquisitions are but two of the many forces


Source: Atkins, David - Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Oregon


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences