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DAP Spr.`98 UCB 1 Lecture 18

Summary: Page 1
DAP Spr.`98 ©UCB 1
Lecture 18:
Multiprocessors 2:
Snooping v. Directory Coherency,
Memory Consistency Models
Professor David A. Patterson
Computer Science 252
Spring 1998
Page 2
DAP Spr.`98 ©UCB 3
Review: Parallel Framework
· Layers:
­ Programming Model:
» Multiprogramming : lots of jobs, no communication
» Shared address space: communicate via memory
» Message passing: send and recieve messages
» Data Parallel: several agents operate on several data
sets simultaneously and then exchange information
globally and simultaneously (shared or message


Source: Aboulhamid, El Mostapha - Département d'Informatique et recherche opérationnelle, Université de Montréal


Collections: Engineering