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DDT Volume 10, Number 19 October 2005 ReviewsDRUGDISCOVERYTODAY

Summary: DDT · Volume 10, Number 19 · October 2005
Fifteen hundred years ago, when a person had trouble
with his or her ears, a Rabbi would prescribe the
following: `Take the kidney of a bald goat, cut it
crosswise, place it on burning coals and collect the
water that begins then to flow from it. This water,
when it is neither too cold nor too warm, syringe
into the ears. Or one may rub in the ears with the
molten fat of a big beetle....Fill the sick ear with
olive-oil, then make of wheat-straw seven wicks, and
with the hairs of a cattle attach to them the peel of
garlic; kindle these wicks and put them into the
olive-oil in the ear, taking, of course, precautions
against burning the patient' (Talmud Bavli, Tractate
Avoda Zara, Chapter II). Today, we are looking
towards research in genomics to provide us with
approaches to cure ear ailments, particularly the loss
of hearing and balance. Hearing loss (HL) is a


Source: Avraham, Karen - Department of Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Biology and Medicine