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Recent papers on NMR that use symbolic calculation

Summary: Recent papers on NMR that use symbolic
July 26, 2009
[1] P. Mulquiney, P. Kuchel, Modeling Metabolism with Mathematica, CRC
Press, 2003.
[2] C. K. Anand, A. D. Bain and Z. Nie. Simulation of steady-state NMR of cou-
pled systems using Liouville space and computer algebra methods. Journal
of Magnetic Resonance 189 (2) 200-208, 2007.
[3] S. P. Babailov, D. A. Mainichev, Time dependence of the NMR line shape
for systems with chemical exchange in a zero saturation limit. Journal of
Structural Chemistry, 47 (3) 442-446, 2006.
[4] M. A. Dubinnyi, D. M. Lesovoy, P. V. Dubovskii, V. V. Chupin and A. S.
Arseniev. Modeling of 31P-NMR spectra of magnetically oriented phospho-
lipid liposomes: A new analytical solution. Solid State Nuclear Magnetic
Resonance, 2006, 29 (4), 305-311.
[5] J. L. Eilertsen, R. W. Hall, L. S. Simeral, and L. G. Butler. Tools and strate-
gies for processing diffusion-ordered 2D NMR spectroscopy(DOSY) of a
broad, featureless resonance: an application to methylaluminoxane (MAO).
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 378 (6) 1574-1578, 2004.


Source: Allen, L.C.- Department of Chemistry, Princeton University


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