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Information Overlay for Camera Phones in Indoor Environments

Summary: Information Overlay for Camera Phones
in Indoor Environments
Harlan Hile and Gaetano Borriello
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Washington
Box 352350
Seattle, WA 98195-2350 USA
Abstract. Increasingly, cell phones are used to browse for information
while location systems assist in gathering information that is most ap-
propriate to the user's current location. We seek to take this one step fur-
ther and actually overlay information on to the physical world using the
cell phone's camera and thereby minimize a user's cognitive effort. This
"magic lens" approach has many applications of which we are explor-
ing two: indoor building navigation and dynamic directory assistance. In
essence, we match "landmarks" identified in the camera image with those
stored in a building database. We use two different types of features
floor corners that can be matched against a floorplan and SIFT features
that can be matched to a database constructed from other images. The
camera's pose can be determined exactly from a match and information


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences