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CS 647: Advanced Topics in Wireless Networks -Spring 2008 Page 1 CS 647: Advanced Topics in Wireless Networks

Summary: CS 647: Advanced Topics in Wireless Networks - Spring 2008 Page 1
CS 647: Advanced Topics in Wireless Networks
Paper Presentation Guidelines Spring 2008
1. General:
As stated in the syallabus and course logistics, your paper for presentation requires prior approval from the instructors. In
addition, you need to consult the instructors for scheduling your paper for presentation during normal class meeting times.
For a paper presentation, please prepare a 30 minutes talk or a bit longer say 40 minutes. In a 30 - 40 minute talk, you can
present around 15 -25 slides depending upon your speed of presentation. Feel free to make some back-up slides, if you
so desire to help answer possible questions, if asked by the instructors or by fellow students. Since you are presenting an
entire paper, you need to pay special attention in preparing your talk as you need to distill the key contributions of the paper
and incorporate these in your presentation. Your presentation will be indicative of your own understanding of the paper.
You may use any template or style for creating the power-point slides. Please follow the following rules of thumb while
preparing your slides:
1. Please make one title slide which contains the title of the paper, author names, and when and where the paper
appeared. Also include your name as you are presentring it.
2. Please make 3-5 slides on the background of the problem
3. Please make 10-15 slides on the approach and other important attributes of the paper
4. Please make 2-4 slides that summarizes the paper as well as your own remarks if any
Use of colored, neat diagrams and use of examples to illustrate concepts presented in the paper, if at all possible, is
recommended so that audience can appreciate & understand contents of your presentation.


Source: Amir, Yair - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences