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(a) Title of the research item: Securing Personal Distributed Environments
Name: S. Goo, J. Irvine, R. Atkinson & J. Dunlop
Affiliation: University of Strathclyde
Address: 204 George Street, Glasgow G1 1XW UK
E-mail: sweegoo@eee.strath.ac.uk, j.m.irvine@strath.ac.uk
(b) Subject Area: The New Communication Environment: Security
(c) Objectives of the required research
The Personal Distributed Environment (PDE) is a new concept being developed by Mobile VCE
allowing future mobile users flexible access to their information and services. Unlike traditional
mobile communications, the PDE user no longer needs to establish his or her personal
communication link solely through one subscribing network but rather a diversity of disparate
devices and access technologies whenever and wherever he or she requires. Depending on the
services' availability and coverage in the location, the PDE communication configuration could be,
for instance, via a mobile radio system and a wireless ad hoc network or a digital broadcast system
and a fixed telephone network. This new form of communication configuration inherently imposes
newer and higher security challenges relating to identity and authorising issues especially when the
number of involved entities, accessible network nodes and service providers, builds up. These also


Source: Atkinson, Robert C - Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde


Collections: Engineering