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2009-2011 (Updated: 8/16/10 cml) UM-EECS: Electrical Engineering Page 1 of 9 2009 -2011 Electrical Engineering Program

Summary: 2009-2011 (Updated: 8/16/10 cml) UM-EECS: Electrical Engineering Page 1 of 9
2009 - 2011 Electrical Engineering Program
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Department
Undergraduate Advising Office
3415 EECS Bldg., ugadmin@eecs.umich.edu, 734.763.2305
This brochure applies to students who entered the College of Engineering during or after Fall 2009*
Thank you for your interest in Electrical Engineering, one of the three undergraduate degrees offered by the
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan. The University granted its
first degree in Electrical Engineering in 1890 and established a Department of Electrical Engineering in 1895. Thus
Michigan has been educating electrical engineers for more than 100 years! (For a discussion of the history of
electrical engineering, please visit: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/eecs/undergraduate/ugee/electrical_engineering.html.)
The impact of electrical engineering on our daily lives can hardly be overstated. Electric lighting, electric motors,
power systems, electrical communications, HDTV, digital cameras, cell-phones, MP3 players, personal computers,
automotive electronics, and bioelectrical devices are the work of electrical engineers. Electrical engineering is a very
broad field that continues to have a major impact on society and our quality of life. If you wish to understand electrical
phenomena and apply this knowledge to design, invent and improve electrical systems and hardware, then there is no
better field than EE. The EE program at the University of Michigan provides the flexibility for students to pursue their
individual interests, whether they be in the area of circuits, systems (communications, signal processing and control),
microelectrical mechanical systems (MEMs), electromagnetics, optics, power systems, solid state devices or


Source: Awtar, Shorya - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan


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