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Laboratory for Molecular Biology Department of Biological Sciences

Summary: 2007
Laboratory for Molecular Biology
Department of Biological Sciences
Shared Equipment - Locations and Faculty Supervision
** Serious potential physical hazards to users and bystanders are associated with these machines
Equip. Type Model # Location Supervisor
-IMAGER Gel scanner 2000 4125 Okkema
** Beckman refrig.centrifuge J6MC 4018 Stone
** Beckman ultracentrifuge L8-55MR 4211 Orenic
Biorad gel dryer 583 4109 Hulett
Biotek plate reader EL 3401 4110 Morrison
Biotek Luminometer 4200 Schmidt
** Electroporator BioRad 4122 Schmidt
French Press / Cell 638243 4115 Hulett
Konika automatic film processor 4119 Alvarado / Kitcharoen
Fluorometer Liebman
** Amersham Storm phosphorimager Storm 4122 Okkema / Schmidt
Oven, high-temp Thelco 160M 4115 Stone
Beckman scintillation counter LS2000 4200 Segev
MJ Opticon PCR Machine Opticon 4210 Schmidt


Source: Alford, Simon - Department of Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago


Collections: Biology and Medicine