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APEX Reference Document FY 2000 Technical Plan

Summary: 12-8-99
APEX Reference Document
FY 2000 Technical Plan
Tasks / Performers / Level of Effort
This document serves as a reference document for the APEX Study for FY 2000. It defines
scope, approach, milestones, tasks, subtasks, and task leaders as well as individual and
institutional performers for FY 2000. The level of effort is also indicated and corresponds
exactly to the DOE January Fin Plan made available by Sam Berk in early December.
The technical plan contained in this document evolved from a "process" that took approximately
two months. Task leaders worked with core groups in a "bottom up" approach to identify key
issues and priority technical tasks and level of effort. The process expanded to include all team
members and was discussed during the November 8-11 meeting. Several iterations took place.
This final plan incorporates all comments and suggestions and follows DOE guidelines. Minor
revisions were made by the APEX Steering Committee on December 6th
and 7th
Finally, it should be noted that the tasks defined here for FY 2000 were derived from a set of 5-
year goals, developed by the APEX team, for Liquid and Solid Walls. These 5-year goals are:
Liquid Walls:


Source: Abdou, Mohamed - Fusion Science and Technology Center, University of California at Los Angeles
California at Los Angeles, University of - School of Engineering & Applied Science, Advanced Science & Fusion Technology


Collections: Plasma Physics and Fusion