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Energy Responsiveness Tradeoffs for RealTime Systems with Mixed Workload Hakan Aydin, Qi Yang

Summary: Energy ­ Responsiveness Tradeoffs for Real­Time Systems with Mixed Workload
Hakan Aydin, Qi Yang
Computer Science Department
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030
(aydin, qyang1)@cs.gmu.edu
In this paper, we explore the performance tradeoffs for real­
time systems with Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) capability,
when the workload includes aperiodic jobs as well as periodic
tasks. As opposed to the assumptions of early works on Real­
Time DVS or non­power­aware scheduling of hybrid task sets,
the settings require the consideration of two often­conflicting
objectives: Improving the responsiveness of aperiodic jobs and
reducing the energy consumption. We propose the composite
metric, Energy * Average Response Time, as a performance
measure in energy­aware scheduling of hybrid task sets. Then
we develop our framework that integrates Dynamic Reclaim­
ing Algorithm (DRA) and Total Bandwidth Server (TBS) mech­
anism in variable­speed settings. In addition to the static algo­


Source: Aydin, Hakan - Department of Computer Science, George Mason University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Engineering