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0018-9162/00/$10.00 2000 IEEE30 Computer Coping with Java

Summary: 0018-9162/00/$10.00 2000 IEEE30 Computer
Coping with Java
Programming Stress
any developers view Java as the lan-
guage solution to complex software
engineering problems. They expect
Java programs to resist system crashes,
to be written once and run everywhere,
and to withstand malicious attacks. For the most part,
these expectations are reasonable. Java has many
attributes that promote reliable, bug-free software:
memory management to prevent memory leaks,
strong type checking to prevent the misuse of objects,
and built-in support for exception handling. Java's
virtual machine model increases portability and its
security model provides a degree of safety when
importing externally developed code. All these fea-
tures are a great improvement over C++, Java's nom-
inal predecessor. Indeed, initial experimental results


Source: Alexander, Roger T. - Department of Computer Science, Colorado State University
Bieman, James M. - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Computer Science, Colorado State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences