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Physics 201, Exam 2 Name 5o)u-Ibq (b) 1940 cm

Summary: Physics 201, Exam 2 Name 5o)u-Ibq
J) 194 cm
(b) 1940 cm
(c) 19 400 cm
(d) 150 cm
(e) 1500 cm
(f) 15 000 cm
(a) 107 800 Pa
(b) 1078 Pa
(c) 98 000 Pa
(d) 9 800 Pa
(e 1.08 x106 Pa
(f) 1.08 xlO8Pa
The multiple-choice problems carry no partial credit. Circle the correct answer or answers.
But in the work-out problems, you are graded on your work, with partial credit.
Be sure to include the correct units in the answers, and give your work in the space provided.
1. (5) You are designing a hydraulic lift for an automobile garage. It will consist of two oil-filled
cylindrical pipes of different diameters. A worker pushes down on a piston at one end, raising the
car on a platform at the other end. To handle a full range ofjobs, you must be able to lift vehicles


Source: Allen, Roland E. - Department of Physics and Astronomy, Texas A&M University


Collections: Physics