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ABC ++ : Concurrency by Inheritance in C ++ \Lambda Eshrat Arjomandi, y

Summary: ABC ++ : Concurrency by Inheritance in C ++ \Lambda
Eshrat Arjomandi, y
William O'Farrell,
Ivan Kalas,
Gita Koblents,
Frank Ch. Eigler,
Guang G. Gao
Many attempts have been made to add concurrency to C ++ , but much of
the work has not exploited the power of C ++ , and often extensive compiler
extensions are made. This paper shows how the object­oriented facilities of C ++
are powerful enough to encapsulate concurrency creation and control. We have
developed a concurrent C ++ ­based system which we call ABC ++ . We show how
we can provide, with a standard compiler, almost all of the functionality offered
by a new or extended language. Active objects, object distribution, selective
method acceptance, and synchronous and asynchronous object interaction are
supported. Concurrency control and synchronization are encapsulated at the
active object level. The goal of ABC ++ is to allow its users to write concurrent
programs without dealing with explicit synchronization and mutual exclusion


Source: Arjomandi, Eshrat - Department of Computer Science, York University (Toronto)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences