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Ten TEX Tricks for the Mathematician Helmer Aslaksen

Summary: Ten TEX Tricks for the Mathematician
Helmer Aslaksen
Department of Mathematics
National University of Singapore
Singapore 117543
TEX has changed the face of mathematical typesetting. If you look at the
proceedings from a conference published 10 years ago, you will probably find
that most of the articles were prepared with a typewriter. Today, most of them will
be done by TEX. More and more monographs are also produced using the author's
TEX file. Is this a step forward?
For proceedings, I would definitely say yes. The typewriter will go the way
of the dinosaurs, and I'm not going to miss it. But when it comes to monographs,
the author's camera ready copy must be compared to professionally set books. An
expert TEXnician can produce output of the highest standard, but the average TEX
author/typist fails miserably when compared to professional typesetting. Most au-
thors/typists are not very knowledgeable about TEX or mathematical typography.
They tend to make the same common mistakes. The purpose of this brief article is


Source: Aslaksen, Helmer - Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore


Collections: Mathematics