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Migration in the mountain development agenda

Summary: Migration in the mountain
development agenda
Rural­urban migration is one of the most
widespread global demographic trends.
For example, in Latin America and the
Caribbean, the rural population has
declined from approximately 50% in 1960
to <25% in 2000. Urbanization is not limit-
ed to long-distance migration to large
cities, often in foreign countries, but
includes population concentration in
small local townships (Figure 1). These
demographic changes greatly affect moun-
tain regions, given that they are predomi-
nately rural; therefore, to promote sustain-
able development in mountain ecosystems,
it is essential that the causes and conse-
quences of migration are well understood.
Presently, most initiatives promoting
sustainable development in mountain


Source: Aide, Mitchell - Department of Biology, Universidad de Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology