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Single-Electron Devices and Their Applications KONSTANTIN K. LIKHAREV, MEMBER, IEEE

Summary: Single-Electron Devices and Their Applications
Invited Paper
The goal of this paper is to review in brief the basic physics of
single-electron devices, as well as their current and prospective
applications. These devices, based on the controllable transfer
of single electrons between small conducting "islands," have
already enabled several important scientific experiments. Several
other applications of analog single-electron devices in unique
scientific instrumentation and metrology seem quite feasible. On
the other hand, the prospect of silicon transistors being replaced
by single-electron devices in integrated digital circuits faces tough
challenges and remains uncertain. Nevertheless, even if this re-
placement does not happen, single electronics will continue to play
an important role by shedding light on the fundamental size limi-
tations of new electronic devices. Moreover, recent research in this
field has generated some by-product ideas which may revolutionize
random-access-memory and digital-data-storage technologies.
Keywords-- Coulomb blockade, data storage, dc current
standards, floating-gate memories, Fowler­Nordheim tunneling,


Source: Adeyeye, Adekunle - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore


Collections: Physics; Materials Science