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PhysicsLettersA 169 (1992) 463--468 PHYSICS LETTERS A North-Holland

Summary: PhysicsLettersA 169 (1992) 463--468 PHYSICS LETTERS A
Dynamic Stark effect action on optical pumping of atoms
in an external magnetic field
M.P. Auzinsh
University ofLatvia, 19 Rainis Boulevard, 226098 Riga, Latvia
Received 10 June 1992; acceptedfor publication 17 August 1992
Communicatedby B. Fricke
The influence of the dynamic Starkeffect on the optical pumping ofatoms in a magnetic field, using the broad band approxi-
mation, is examined. Itis demonstrated that the dynamic Starkeffect can lead to a nonlinear effect on the light intensity conver-
sion of alignment produced by linearly polarized light in the orientation of the angularmomentum of atoms.
Practically immediately after the appearance of lasersourcesthey became widely employed foroptical pump-
ing of atoms, see for example ref. [1]. The interaction between the laser radiation and the atoms must be of
resonant nature. For this reason one and the same kind of atoms were at first used both for laser generation
and forpumping. This resulted in a large amount of research on Ne atoms pumped by means of He--Ne lasers,
cf., e.g., ref. [2].
The appearance of the dye laser made practically all atoms accessible for optical pumping. However, in this
case a coincidence between the laser frequency and that of the pumped transition does not automatically take
place. The present paper discusses the possible effects of a not precise coincidence between these frequencies.
A general theory of optical pumping of atoms by means of multimode lasers has been developed to a large


Source: Auzinsh, Marcis - Department of Physics, University of Latvia


Collections: Physics