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Categories of Containers Thesis submitted for the degree of

Summary: Categories of Containers
Thesis submitted for the degree of
Doctor of Philosophy
at the University of Leicester
Michael Gordon Abbott BA (Cambridge)
Department of Computer Science
University of Leicester
August 2003
Categories of Containers
Michael Abbott
This thesis develops a new approach to the theory of datatypes based on separating
data and storage resulting in a class of datatype called a container. The extension of
a container is a functor which can be regarded as a generalised polynomial functor in
type variables. A representation theorem allows every natural transformation between
container functors to be represented as a unique pair of morphisms in a category.
Under suitable assumptions on the ambient category container functors are closed
under composition, limits, coproducts and the construction of initial algebras and final
coalgebras. These closure properties allow containers to provide a functorial semantics


Source: Abbott, Michael - Department of Computer Science, University of Leicester


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences