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IPS STUDENT PRIZEWINNERS 2007 Yoav Linzon, Tel Aviv University

Yoav Linzon, Tel Aviv University
The IPS prize is awarded to Yoav Linzon in recognition of his outstanding achieve-
ments during his graduate work on Nonlinear Optics. Specifically, for the study of
interactions between nonlinear waves in periodic one dimensional photonic crystals,
and nonlinear scattering and trapping by local optical potentials. Yoav's achieve-
ments have earned him several presentations at international conferences and work-
shops, and are recognized in prestigious prizes.
His talk, entitled, "Single beam mapping of nonlinear phase shift profiles in planar
waveguides with an embedded mirror" will be given at 14:30 in the Atlas room.
Zohar Komargodski, Weizmann Institute
The IPS prize is awarded to Zohar Komargodski in recognition of his outstanding
achievements during his graduate work in String Theory. Although he began his
graduate work only 3 years ago, Zohar has already coauthored 7 papers which con-
tain significant contributions to some of the more difficult aspects of the field and
have been widely cited. His senior colleagues have the highest expectations for him.
His talk, entitled "Scattering in maximally symmetric Yang-Mills theory" will be
given at 15:06 in the Mexico room.
Runners up are:
Guy Ron, Tel Aviv, whose talk, entitled, "A new measurement of the proton elec-


Source: Adler, Joan - Physics Department, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


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