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Microbiology Tray and Pipette Tracking as a Proactive Tangible User Interface

Summary: Microbiology Tray and Pipette Tracking as a
Proactive Tangible User Interface
Harlan Hile1
, Jiwon Kim1,2
, and Gaetano Borriello1,2
University of Washington
Intel Research Seattle
Abstract. Many work environments can benefit from integrated com-
puting devices to provide information to users, record users' actions, and
prompt users about the next steps to take in a procedure. We focus on
the cell biology laboratory, where previous work on the Labscape project
has provided a framework to organize experiment plans and store data.
Currently developed sensor systems allow amount and type of materi-
als used in experiments to be recorded. This paper focuses on providing
the last piece: determining where the materials are deposited. Using a
camera and projector setup over a lab bench, vision techniques allow a
specially marked well tray and pipette to be located in real time with
enough precision to determine which well the pipette tip is over. Us-


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences