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Time Domain and Frequency Domain Conditions For Passivity

Summary: Time Domain and Frequency Domain Conditions
For Passivity
Nicholas Kottenstette and Panos J. Antsaklis
Corresponding Author
Institute for Software Integrated Systems
Vanderbilt University
Station B, Box 1829
Nashville, TN 37235, USA
Email: nkottens@isis.vanderbilt.edu
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Email: antsaklis.1@nd.edu
This technical report summarizes various key relationships in regards to continuous time and discrete time passive systems.
It includes relationships for both the linear time invariant case and the non-linear case. For the linear time invariant case we
specifically discuss relationships between minimal causal positive real strictly-positive real extended strictly-positive real systems
and passive systems.
Index Terms
passivity theory, positive real, strictly-positive real, extended strictly-positive real, digital control systems, passive systems,


Source: Antsaklis, Panos - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


Collections: Engineering