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Creating a Description Logics Knowledge Base for

Summary: Creating a Description
Logics Knowledge Base for
World­Wide Web Documents
Johan š Aberg

This thesis concerns structured documents and how to model them using
Description Logics. The work is mainly motivated by information retrieval
needs from the Internet community but the results can also be used in
various document management applications.
In this thesis the term ``structured documents'' refers to marked­up doc­
uments, i.e. documents where the implicit structure has been made explicit
using some markup language. The markup language SGML is studied and it
is shown how many of the most important aspects of SGML can be modeled
using a Description Logic supporting part relationships. The support for
part relationships has been vital to model the logical parts of documents.
The main goal of the thesis is to model an amount of SGML functionality
sufficient for modeling the HTML document language and HTML document
instances and also to implement conversion functions from SGML and SGML


Source: Aberg, Johan - Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköpings Universitet


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences