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Augmenting the Exploration of Digital Libraries with Web-Based Visualizations Peter Bergstrom and Darren C. Atkinson

Summary: Augmenting the Exploration of Digital Libraries with Web-Based Visualizations
Peter Bergstršom and Darren C. Atkinson
Department of Computer Engineering, Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95053
{pbergstrom, datkinson}@scu.edu
Web-based digital libraries have sped up the process that
scholars use to find new, important research papers. Unfor-
tunately, current digital libraries are limited by their inade-
quate webpage-based paradigm, and it is easy for even the
most experienced scholar to get lost. A paper and its im-
mediate references are shown on a webpage, but it is not
obvious where that paper belongs in the larger context of
a field of research. The goal for our research was to de-
velop and test the effectiveness of a web-based application,
PaperCube, that was designed to augment a scholar's in-
teraction with a digital library and explore bibliographic
meta data using a defined set of visualizations. These vi-
sualizations needed to provide different levels of visibility
into a paper's citation network without losing focus of the


Source: Atkinson, Darren C. - Computer Engineering Department, Santa Clara University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences