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Respiratory Motion Correction in Emission Tomography Imaging

Summary: Respiratory Motion Correction in Emission
Tomography Imaging
Mauricio Reyes, GrŽegoire Malandain, Pierre Malick Koulibaly, and Jacques Darcourt
Abstract-- During an emission tomography exam of lungs,
respiratory motion blurs the reconstructed image, which may
lead to misinterpretations and imprecise diagnosis. Solutions
like respiratory gating, correlated dynamic PET techniques, list-
mode data based techniques and others have been tested with
improvements over the spatial activity distribution in lungs
lesions, but with the disadvantages of either requiring extra
hardware or more expensive scanner systems, or discarding part
of the acquired data. The objective of this study is to include a
respiratory motion model in the image tomographic reconstruc-
tion process, which will allow to consider all the acquired data,
without any additional requirement. To this end, we propose
an extension of the MLEM reconstruction algorithm, in which
we extend the probability matrix to take into account both the
motion and the deformation of the voxels to be reconstructed.
We present results from synthetic simulations incorporating real
respiratory motion data, demonstrating the potential benefits of


Source: Ayache, Nicholas - INRIA


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Engineering