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The Resonant Body Transistor Dana Weinstein,*,

Summary: The Resonant Body Transistor
Dana Weinstein,*,
and Sunil A. Bhave
Cornell University, 405 Phillips Hall, Ithaca, New York 14853
ABSTRACT This paper introduces the resonant body transistor (RBT), a silicon-based dielectrically transduced nanoelectromechanical
(NEM) resonator embedding a sense transistor directly into the resonator body. Combining the benefits of FET sensing with the
frequency scaling capabilities and high quality factors (Q) of internal dielectrically transduced bar resonators, the resonant body
transistor achieves >10 GHz frequencies and can be integrated into a standard CMOS process for on-chip clock generation, high-Q
microwave circuits, fundamental quantum-state preparation and observation, and high-sensitivity measurements. An 11.7 GHz bulk-
mode RBT is demonstrated with a quality factor Q of 1830, marking the highest frequency acoustic resonance measured to date on
a silicon wafer.
KEYWORDS MEMS, NEMS, resonator, transistor, FET sensing, piezoresistance
n recent years, nanomechanical resonators have been
implemented for quantum-state preparation and obser-
vation in macroscopic objects. Such experiments include
measurements near the ground state of motion,1,2
chanical squeezing,3
and quantum mechanical entangle-


Source: Afshari, Ehsan - School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University


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