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Computer algebra in the life sciences Michael P. Barnett

Summary: Computer algebra in the life sciences
Michael P. Barnett
Department of Chemistry, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544-1009
This note (1) provides references to recent work that applies computer algebra (CA) to the life sciences, (2)
cites literature that explains the biological background of each application, (3) states the mathematical methods
that are used, (4) mentions the benefits of CA, and (5) suggests some topics for future work.
The use of computer algebra (CA) in biology and related subjects is increasing rapidly, both in variety and extent.
Most of the work is reported for expert audiences in a burgeoning array of specialist journals. This note lists a
selection of papers that mention applications of CA in the life sciences. These impact virtually every area of biology
and medicine that uses mathematics and statistics.
In health care alone, CA has been used in work that bears on
1. cancer [1, 2, 11, 113, 114, 138, 181, 182, 188, 204, 219, 220, 235, 237],
2. the cardiovascular system [49, 50, 106, 172],
3. drug design and testing [69, 72, 84, 152, 153],
4. EEG scans [234],
5. food poisoning [41],
6. genetic counseling [64, 188],


Source: Allen, L.C.- Department of Chemistry, Princeton University


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