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Parallelizing the Web Browser Christopher Grant Jones, Rose Liu, Leo Meyerovich, Krste Asanovic, Rastislav Bodk

Summary: Parallelizing the Web Browser
Christopher Grant Jones, Rose Liu, Leo Meyerovich, Krste Asanovi┤c, Rastislav BodÝk
Department of Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley
We argue that the transition from laptops to handheld
computers will happen only if we rethink the design of
web browsers. Web browsers are an indispensable part
of the end-user software stack but they are too ineffi-
cient for handhelds. While the laptop reused the soft-
ware stack of its desktop ancestor, solid-state device
trends suggest that today's browser designs will not be-
come sufficiently (1) responsive and (2) energy-efficient.
We argue that browser improvements must go beyond
JavaScript JIT compilation and discuss how parallelism
may help achieve these two goals. Motivated by a future
browser-based application, we describe the preliminary
design of our parallel browser, its work-efficient parallel
algorithms, and an actor-based scripting language.
1 Browsers on Handheld Computers


Source: AsanoviŠ, Krste - Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory & Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences