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Homework 5 (20 points) Due at midnight This assignment is to be done individually.

Summary: Homework 5 (20 points) Due at midnight
This assignment is to be done individually.

1. Read through chapter 3 in your text about doing online research. (You can checkout our textbook
for two hours from Old Main 414, if you don't have one.)

As "scientists", we question what we are told. In particular, we worry about the legitimacy of what
we read on the internet.

Web sites are most believable if they have these features:
Physical Existence--Site provides a street address, phone number, email address
Expertise--Site includes references, citations or credentials, related links
Clarity--Site is well organized, easy to use, and has sitesearching facilities
Current--Site was recently updated
Professionalism--Site's grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct; all links work
Remember that a site can have all these features and still not be legitimate. When in doubt, check it
out (including cross checking). Ask a librarian.
Example: http://www.dhmo.org/
(Hoax about dangers of Dihydrogen monoxide H2O water)


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences